Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Round Robin Photo Challenges: Round Robin Challenge: Free

The Round Robin Photo Challenges: Round Robin Challenge: Free

Round Robin~Freedom

Phinney at Paragon chose the topic of freedom. What a great choice with endless possibilities. If I had been on Safari to Africa I would love to show the animals roaming frree in the African wilderness. However, since the ocean has always represented a feeling of freedom for me and I would sneak my dog off his leash at every opportunity to give him some freedom, I present my Teddy Bear (1994-2006), leaving his paw prints while roaming freely and unleashed at the beach in CA. I have posted this photo before, but I really love it. Ted had the bet paws; they were huge and when he was not groomed the fur in between the toes grew in to resemble a Clysdale horse!.. For those who live in N CA did you know there is a legal leash-free beach for dogs? It is past Tomales Bay within a state park; if interested just let me know and I can look it up. Cheers to freedom for all people and animals!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dirt Basket

Friday, May 05, 2006

Here's the mother of the groom in 2000--muah...

Sassy had to change her password!

Hi Blogspotters! Sassy got TOS for too mucho bulk mail on AOL so she had to create a new password; to make it brief Blogspot does not recognize Sassy with new password so now Sassy is Deb. ;-) You can call me Sassy/Deb; it's still the same Sassy. I was trying to respond to the Round Robin Photo challenge and ended up needing to create a new blog. It's time I tried again to do a blog here anyhow! Usually I am not resistant to change; I guess I am just used to how the journaling works on AOL and a wee bit lazy! So now that I have arrived again, I'm wondering what the heck to post?! Here are the links to my current journals on AOL... Now for a brave attempt to post my feline Friday photo featuring Dustin or "Dirt Basket" (his nickname for his love of rolling in the dirt) lounging on his leash in the sun!